carpenter bees

Their name may suggest that they could be building you a new fence or buzzing to the tune of “Top of the World” in your garden. Trust us, carpenter bees are one of the last things you want around your house.

This bee species is more solitary, a lot like wasps and hornets. They look a lot like black bumble bees, have smooth black bodies, and like hanging around dark musky places with a lot of wood. Yep, these insects love gnawing on the wooden parts of your home.

How a Carpenter Bee Damages Your Home

Based on that info, I’m sure you can guess why having them around can be a problem.

While they don’t exactly feed on wood — they are still bees and mostly survive on a diet of pollen and nectar — they do love nesting in wood. A carpenter bee tunnels through exposed wood to create a nest that could be anywhere between an inch to an entire network of interconnected pathways.

These bees can cause tremendous damage to your home and furniture so it’s important to keep an eye out for a possible infestation.

How to Find Carpenter Bees

Like any insect, these bees like hiding in dark, undisturbed areas where they can populate and feed in peace — like an attic. Try checking the high and low areas of your home you usually don’t clean for signs of a nest.

Carpenter bee nests are easily identified by holes on exposed and unpainted wood, brownish stains, and piles of sawdust near nest entrances. If you’re lucky, the bee could have chosen a detachable part of your home — like a wooden window frame — which you can easily get rid of and replace.

In most cases, they burrow in walls or pillars that are difficult to take care of on your own. Not to mention, these bees can get quite aggressive when it comes to protecting their homes. If you’re not a trained professional, it’s easy to hurt yourself in the process.

Need Carpenter Bee Removal Services?

Once you’ve looked around your house and discovered a few areas that show signs of a carpenter bee infestation, what should you do next? From the outside, it’s hard to tell how far a nest goes.

You’ll never know what’s waiting for you inside until a bee comes crawling out and chasing you with its puckered-up stinger. What’s more, there could be bee larvae developing inside the nest that you might miss. You may have eliminated one bee, but it’s young will soon grow and cause more damage in the future.

For situations like this, it’s best to call in the professionals and have the bees carefully extracted without causing further destruction to your home. At Power Pest Control, we provide thorough carpenter bee removal services for residents of Markham, Vaughn, and other areas in Toronto!

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