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      Wasps, Mice, Rats, Ants, and Bedbug Removal from the Pros

      From wasps to mice to the discovery of bedbugs in your Ajax residence, when invaders strike, you need a professional that offers expert removal services.

      Power Pest Control in Ajax is that expert.

      As the leaders of rodent, insect, and bedbug removal services, our team offers an array of services that are specifically targeted to your insect or rodent problem.

      However, we are different from the rest. We do not just eradicate the infestation. We deploy a strategy that finds those insects plaguing your home, rodents invading your pantry, and we keep them from coming back – all backed by an industry-leading warranty for extra peace of mind.

      What Can Our Insect and Rodent Removal in Ajax Do for You?

      We know bugs. We know rodents.

      Our team knows how to think like these invaders, seeking out their nests, finding their entry points, pinpointing food sources, and more. Once we have completed our in-depth investigation of your home, we get to work with a customized treatment plan that removes them once and for all.

      Just some of the pests, insects, and rodents our team can remove include:

      • Ants: Ant removal in Ajax should always be handled by a professional. In the area, fire ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants are the most common. While some are harmless, fire ants are extremely dangerous. They will bite and sting if their nest is disturbed.
      • Bedbugs: Bedbugs like to hide in your walls and mattress, but at night they come out to feed on the blood of you, your family, and any pets you have in the home. Bedbug removal in Ajax is complicated, but not impossible.
      • Rats and Other Rodents: Mice and rats find their way into any home. Even if you scrub your floors daily and never leave a crumb in sight, they find a way to get in and make themselves at home.

      Expert Wasp Removal in Ajax

      Wasps are particularly common in the Ajax area, and they are extremely aggressive. At Power Pest Control, we not only have the methods for removing wasps and their nests, but we have the protective equipment to do so safely.

      Never attempt to remove a wasps nest on your own. Instead, leave the wasp removal to Power Pest Control.

      Just some of the wasp removal services you can take advantage of from our team include:

      • Wasp nest removal. We locate the nests, remove them, and prevent wasps from building nests again in the future.
      • Eradicating the colony for good. We do not just remove a nest – we work to eliminate the wasp colony so that they are not able to reproduce or thrive.

      Please note that at Power Pest Control, we respect our nature’s ecosystem.

      Our team will gladly remove wasp nests and hornets because they are extremely dangerous, territorial, and aggressive. These insects pose a threat to small children, adults, and pets alike.

      However, our team will not remove honey bees. The honey bee is harmless and necessary for our ecosystem to thrive.

      If you are not sure whether your home has a wasp or honeybee infestation, we can help identify which one you have.

      If there is a honey bee problem, we can help safely move them to another area of the property.

      Why Use Power Pest Control in Ajax?

      • We offer residential and commercial services – complete with an industry-leading warranty for added peace of mind.
      • We are certified, licensed, and insured.
      • Our staff is friendly, professional, and always willing to help.
      • We offer up to a one-year warranty on our services. Pests or insects come back? We will come back out and treat your home for free.
      • We can remove most pests, including rats, rodents, mice, wasps, and offer effective bed bug control too.
      • We offer high-quality services with budget-friendly prices.

      Members recognize power Pest Control in Ajax on, and we proudly carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on teaching our customers and non-customers about insect and rodent control with our free YouTube channel.

      To receive the best results, you need the best insect control in Ajax.

      Contact the team at Power Pest Control today at 647-708-7378 or send us a message online with your pest, insect, and rodent removal concerns.

      Check out our blog for tips and pest resources.




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