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      The Best Pest Control Company in Mississauga

      If your home or office needs the best exterminator in Mississauga, the pest removal and control program from Power Pest Control, Inc. is what you need. We keep your home and family protected from those unwanted pests year-round.

      The team from Power Pest Control takes the time to get to know you and your property so that we can provide you with a customized, minimally invasive pest removal and control.

      Our experienced technicians know that no two properties or pest problems are the same, which is why when you hire our services, we start with an on-site inspection to accurately identify the intensity of your pest or rodent problem and come up with a plan to fix it.

      Customized Solutions for Every Need

      Whether you need ant removal in Mississauga, or you want to control mice in your basement, Power Pest Control’s primary goal is to solve your pest concerns while still minimizing the pesticides and chemicals used.

      Our treatments are safe and effective. We use the latest science, technology, and products to protect your home.

      Year-Round Treatments Available

      Power Pest Control offers our services year-round.

      You can sign up for a six-month or one-year treatment.

      We come to your home, perform an assessment, treat, and then will return for free within your specified contract anytime you notice the pests are coming back.

      Superior Ant Removal and Ant Control for Mississauga Homes

      Carpenter ants are especially damaging, and they are in love with the wood of your home.

      They create nests and pathways through your home’s structure, and if they are not removed quickly, they could cause permanent damage.

      Once you notice the signs of carpenter ants, you need to contact an exterminator right away.

      Proper ant removal is critical, but so is controlling them.

      Removal just eliminates the current nest, but that does not prevent carpenter ants from getting back into your home.

      With our control methods, we prevent ants from coming back, nesting, and damaging your home.

      Need a Bedbug Exterminator in Mississauga?

      Bedbugs have made a comeback over the last few years, and they are found in prestigious homes just as often as abandoned properties.

      If you have discovered bedbugs, do not panic.

      Let the team at Power Pest Control, Inc. help.

      We use state-of-the-art techniques and treatments with our bedbug removal in Mississauga homes.

      From using high-powered, high-temperature steam to sprays and dusts specifically designed for bed bugs, we not only eradicate your infestation, but we ensure that bedbugs do not return.

      Safe, Effective Wasp Nest Removal Services for Mississauga

      In the summer, a common homeowner complaint is that of wasps.

      Wasps are extremely dangerous, and when they have set up a nest near your home’s entrance or on the property, they become a nuisance.

      Removing wasp nests requires expert care and knowledge.

      If you attempt to move or destroy the nest yourself, you could cause a swarm. It is best to leave wasp removal to the professionals.

      Our team carries the equipment and technology necessary to safely remove a wasp’s nest from your home or office.

      We also take preventative measures so that wasps are not encouraged to create another nest nearby.

      Free Interim Treatments

      When you sign up for our six-month or one-year plan, you get free interim and same-day visits from our team.

      After all, pests do not always wait until the next business day.

      So, if we have removed a wasp’s nest and it came back, we will come out free of charge to remove it again.

      How Our Services Work

      Our services are available year-round for periodic treatments or one-time removals.

      Your program is customized to suit the unique needs of your home for the appropriate season.

      • Spring: Spring is the right time for an inspection and treatment to remove specific pests like mice, ants, and more.
      • Summer: Now is the time to use a protective barrier for ant control on Mississauga homes, but also to prevent wasps from forming nests outside.
      • Fall: Insects make their way inside the home during the fall, which is why control and prevention is critical.
      • Winter: Mice, ants, and other pests work their way indoors to avoid the cold. With a barrier treatment outside and proper treatments inside, you can prevent them from taking over.

      Get started with a no-obligation quote from the team at Power Pest Control today by calling us at 647-708-7378 or contact us online

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