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Wasp Nest Removal Process 

  When it comes to wasp nest removal in Toronto, you need to have experience to ensure you properly remove the nest and eradicate the problem.

Here is a breakdown of the wasp nest removal process:

Step 1. We will first get a better understanding of your pest problem by providing a free no obligation quote over the phone so that you have a general understanding to the pest elimination process and a general idea on cost.

Step 2. The wasp control process begins with an inspection from our wasp extermination team. They will locate the nest and use the least toxic insecticides that will be safe around your children and pets to treat the nest.

Step 3. Our Wasp exterminators will begin work and once the wasp nest has been treated we will engage in the process of wasp nest removal and disposal if the nest is readily accessible.

Step 4. As a valued added service we will look for additional wasp nest on your property at no extra charge and charge a small fee to removal the additional nests.

Information From Your Wasp Nest Removal Company in Toronto 

  Wasps are one of the most unwanted pests that can disrupt your family and home. In Southern Ontario, bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets are two wasp species that typically display aggressive behaviour, meaning they’ll attack your family and pets on instinct.

Unlike bees that feed off pollen and are vital for the survival of many crops, plants and flowers, wasps feed off other insects and common foods found around your home and yard.

Yellow jackets can feed off fruit, sugary drinks and insects, thereby making them a pest that will be constantly attracted to common items around your property, especially where human activity is frequent.

We have removed hundreds of wasp nests from homes across the GTA, and we’re always ready to help with your wasp control needs.

Wasp Control Experts & Wasp Nest Removal in Toronto 

No matter how large the wasp nest grows, Power Pest Control can handle the problem. Wasp nests start small in the spring, about the size of a golf ball.

At this stage they can become very aggressive as the size of the nest grows to the size of a basketball.

Once it gets to this size “Doing it yourself” is not option, making it important to contact a wasp nest removal specialist before you or your loved ones get hurt.

We are your wasp nest removal experts in Toronto and our team of wasp exterminators have seen it all.

Don’t let wasps bother you and contact the wasp exterminators in Toronto with years of experience! We are a top rated company on HomeStars. Our blog has more resources, check it out here.

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Here is some more information on the different types of hornets and wasps.

Bald-Faced Hornets


        • They are social insects meaning they work as a team to build and protect the nest
        • Bald-faced hornets are black and white but are more closely related to yellow jackets than hornets
        • The build paper-like nests in trees, bushes and low level vegetation
        • They will build their nests under peaks of homes and other protected areas around your property
        • The single queen will start a nest in the spring and lay eggs into the nest
        • She will feed the larvae until they change states into pupae and then into fully grown workers
        • By the end of summer the nest can be the size of basketball!

Threat to You

        • Bald-faced hornets will attack you if you come to close to the nest
        • This is a defense mechanism to protect the queen
        • Anaphylactic shock may occur which may be deadly if you or your kids are stung
        • This task should be left to a wasp exterminator to remove the nest at all times to protect you from danger

Here’s a typical hornets nest that Peter Power from Power Pest Control has to deal with

Yellow Jackets


        • Social insects in which they support each other in building and protecting the nest, at all costs to protect the Queen
        • Yellow jackets get their name from their black and yellow markings
        • Yellow jackets will repeatedly sting you due to the fact they do not have barbs on the end their stingers
        • Queens that have mated in the fall will survive the winter and in the spring will look for a place to build a new nest
        • Nests are found off trees, at peaks and in wall voids within buildings
        • They are most vulnerable (and therefore aggressive) in the spring due to the fact their nests are smaller and there are less of the insects to fight off an attack
        • Feed off proteins in the spring and sugars and fruits in the summer

Threat to You

        • Social Insects that are extremely aggressive when the nest is disrupted
        • Will sting multiple times as there are no barbs on stinger and release enzyme for a call to action for other yellow jackets to attack you
        • Anaphylactic shock may occur if you or your kids are allergic to yellow jacket stings
        • Must be left to a professional to remove the nest at all times to protect you from danger

Carpenter Bees


        • Black and Yellow in color with their posterior (called the gaster) is shiny
        • Carpenter bees prefer to drill holes in unprotected wood in the spring and summer to raise their offspring
        • Carpenter bees will leave sawdust filings on the ground directly below the symmetrical hole will be left in wood to indicate that a nest is being created
        • Wood surfaces that the bees will drill through are the sides of eaves, a fence posts, Trellis and any blocks of soft wood

See the extermination process on how its done when eliminating carpenter bees from your wooden outdoor structures

Threat to You

        • Male carpenter bees are harmless has they do not have stinger; however the females do
        • Destroy your home with holes in the structure which ruins the beauty of your home