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      Looking for Superior Pest Control in Richmond Hill?

      If you live in Richmond Hill, your biggest complaint could be the fire ants that tend to set up mounds throughout your property.

      Fire ants are especially problematic because traditional insect control methods for Richmond Hill homes do not work. Also, fire ants pose a risk to the health and safety of homeowners, children, and pets.

      Therefore, when you notice you have a pest problem, contact the best pest control service in Richmond Hill by getting in touch with Power Pest Control, Inc.


      The red imported fire ant tends to be the more common type of fire ant in Canada.

      It was brought into the country by accident, and since its arrival, it has plagued Richmond Hill homes and businesses. They enjoy sunny, warm environments, so they are more likely to appear on your property during the spring and summer.

      Once you discover the mound, your next call should be to Power Pest Control. Ant control for your backyard and property perimeter is essential to protect your loved ones. Fire ants are territorial; therefore, if they feel you are threatening their nest, they will attack.

      Fire ants are responsible for numerous emergency room visits each year, and for some individuals, they may cause severe reactions (and sometimes death).

      We offer two types of treatments for fire ant removal:

      • One-Time Treatment: If you notice fire ants have invaded your property, we have the expertise to treat that particular infestation to reclaim your property and help you get on with your life.
      • Warranty Treatment: Choose between six months and one year to take care of your fire ant problem. During certain times of the year, certain neighborhoods will have recurring fire ant infestations, so when you sign up for our service, we can continue to visit your home and remove fire ant mounds any time they appear.


      While we are expert exterminators at removing and controlling fire ants, the team at Power Pest Control can also help with other insect infestations, such as:

      • Carpenter Ants: We know how damaging carpenter ants are when they get inside your home. Since they rival termites at chewing away at wooden beams, these pests must be removed quickly.
      • Pavement Ants: Pavement ants like to nest under concrete, including your back patio, driveway, sidewalk, and foundation. They can become destructive if they continue burrowing and nesting.
      • Pharaoh Ants: These hard-to-spot ants are particularly challenging. Our team knows how to locate them and remove them – even when other methods have failed.


      There are plenty of benefits to using Power Pest Control over the other options in the area. Just some of the reasons customers pick our team of technicians include:

      • An Excellent Rating: We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we continue to impress our clients with our superior customer service.
      • Innovative, Science-Based Technology: Our technicians utilize the latest innovations, sciences, and technologies to remove pests and insects from residences and commercial properties.
      • Safe Treatments and Control Services: We know that you have family, pets, or customers frequenting your property. To protect everyone, we use the safest treatments available and always ensure that our products are safe for small children and pets.
      • Comprehensive Services and Solutions: Power Pest Control can remove everything from bedbugs to cockroaches to mice, wasp nests, and more. If it is a pest or rodent, our team can help.

      When you contact Power Pest Control for a service, we will come to your property and perform an inspection. During the investigation, we will identify the species of pest or rodent and the extent of the problem. Then, we will draft an estimate so that there are no surprises.

      If you agree to our proposed treatment plan, we can get started right away. After that, you can choose from our six-month or one-year treatment options. During those time frames, our team will return to your home or office free of charge any time the pest or rodent returns.

      Get started by hiring the best pest control in Richmond Hill by contacting the team at Power Pest Control.

      Call for an estimate at 647-708-7378 or ask us a question online.

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