Single Pest Program - 6 Months

6 Month Warranty
$250/6 Month Warranty
  • Prices start as low $250 for crawling insects such centipedes, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs and pavement ants Prices for Carpenter Ant removal start as low as $295 plus taxes
  • *Upgrade option for 1 year warranty on carpenter ants as low as $100
  • *Square footage of home AND complexity of problem is determined in pricing


Full Coverage for 20 common pests and more!
$450/6 Months
  • Pricing starts as low as $450 for the spring and summer season and we will keep you pest free while you get to enjoy your backyard with your friends and family. You will be covered for mice, rats, cockroaches, carpenter and pavement ants, indian meal and clothing moths, wasp, yellowjackets, carpenter bees, hornets, millipedes, centipedes, spiders,  fruit flies, Blow and Bottle Flies, carpet beetles,silverfish, firebrats, sowbugs, and earwigs.
  • Pricing is based on square footage of home AND complexity of your pest problem.*Bedbugs and wildlife are not included in Home Protection Plans

Power Pest Control Inc. offers residential protection coverage whether it is for a single pest or for multiple pest pressures around you home.

All plans come with a full interior and exterior inspection to help avoid and prevent pest problems in the future.

Please review in the tabs below for the protection plan that would best suit your needs.

The Single Pest Protection Plan 180* offered by Power Pest Control Inc. is to help home owners who have a single pest problem within their home that they need help in eradicating. The Single Pest Protection Program 180 is an affordable option and service calls are FREE within the warranty period of 180 days (6 months). With the Single Pest Protection Program 180 clients can be able to upgrade to the Home Pest Protection Program 365 anytime within the warranty period with the client paying just the difference for the upgrade, so there is no undue sales pressure or fear tactics to purchase a service that may not give you true value at that moment in time.Click Here Right Now to request a FREE Quote so we can eliminate your pest problem.

The BACKYARD INVADERS 6 MONTH PROGRAM is an affordable option that homeowners have multiple pest programs that are ongoing only in the spring and summer that have ongoing pest problems. We will set you up on an automated text,email or phone program with you permission to check in on you to see if you are fully satisfied. If there are any issues within the 6 Months we will come back FREE of charge. Click Here Right Now to request a FREE Quote

The Complete Pest Protection Program 365 is geared to towards home owners that have ongoing multiple pest problem and is an affordable option than paying for each service separately. You will be covered for 20 common pests and more All follow ups within that warranty period is FREE. Length of warranty will varies between 12 and 15 Months Click Here Right Now to request a FREE Quote!

Click Here Right Now to request a FREE Quote!


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*All Protection Plans do not cover wildlife or bedbugs.
*Square footage AND complexity of pest problems  will be determining factor for Home Protection Plan pricing* 
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