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Having your restaurant shut down by the public health department for pest related issues can cost your business more than lost revenue, but lower consumer confidence in your products and services that you provide. This could mean a lapse in sales or job loss for a short period of time or even worse a permanent closure.

To help prevent your restaurant from closure, you need a pest control provider that will be in your corner to protect your customers from health hazards such as pests and other vermin.

This will also take cooperation on your part; however as a team, strategies can be implemented to keep that green pass sign on the front of your window to help in consumer confidence and increase your bottom line.


For these reasons we are offering basic proactive pest management inspections based on the following service frequencies:

Monthly: Basic pest control for low or no pest problems. Best practices of IPM are in place to watch for pests before they become a problem
Bi-Monthly: Basic pest control for one or two pest problems and ideal for clients that receive a lot of deliveries from multiple sources or for establishments that have older buildings
Weekly Service: Proactive pest control in which there is ongoing pest problems with multiple structural and sanitation issues. All strategies from IPM will be implemented to control the problem

Depending on the nature of the pest problem, the technician will recommend the best service frequency to reduce or eliminate pest pressures within your establishment.

A service agreement will be discussed and agreed to and regularly scheduled visits will commence.


Do you have a pest problem that your current pest provider is not handling accordingly? Has The Public Health Department warned you that your restaurant may be closed if potential health hazards are not improved?

Power Pest Control Inc. offers pest clean out services such as roach, mice or rat eradication. We will provide you with a free onsite evaluation of what needs to be done to improve the situation and will also provide you with a free no obligation quote to resolve your pest problem.

Best of all, you are not bounded by a service agreement as there are no contracts to sign and we will provide you a WARRANTY* for which no charge follow ups will be done.

*At the discretion of the technician all structural and sanitation issues conducive to pest activity covered in warranty must be addressed in order to receive no charge follow up warranty service.

Our blog has a lot of information about the different types of pests. Check it out here 

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