pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants are a common insect problem throughout the GTA.

From hospitals to grocery stores and apartment buildings, they are abundant and one of the more difficult pests to eradicate once they take hold of property.

Pharaoh ants like apartment buildings, because while one apartment might have ant removal in Toronto completed, the neighbouring apartment unit did not.

So, they can move on to the next and come back later.

What Attracts Pharaoh Ants in the First Place?

To perform Pharaoh ant control in Toronto effectively, you must first know what attracts them to your apartment or home.

For starters, their favourite food is sweet and oily substances. However, they are still fine eating other insects.

These colonies prefer the indoors when they are close to their food source and do not have to worry about other insects trying to invade their nest.

Kitchens are a Pharaoh ants favourite place to target, and they will work their way into wall voids, cabinets, and behind baseboards so that they have easy access to their food.

Why is Effective Pharaoh Ant Removal in Toronto So Difficult?

Most insecticides and ant control sprays found at home improvement stores are not adequate for Pharaoh ants.

These insects are small, and they can reach into the smallest cracks and crevices that other species of ants cannot. If a nearby apartment is not as sanitary as yours, they could easily attract Pharaoh ants to the complex, which in turn brings them over to your residence.

Using the spray and vacuum method only kills the small Pharaoh ants you find in the kitchen, and most of the time you have others scurrying away behind you without noticing. Pharaoh ants are small and easily blend in with your home.

Killing the worker ants will not eradicate the problem either because worker ants only live a few weeks.

Instead, you must kill the ants inside the nest, and you need an ant exterminator in Toronto to help you kill the queen – who will only continue to reproduce until she is gone.

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