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1 Year Warranty
$ 395/Year
  • Prices start from $395  and it is designed for clients that have a severe infestation of cockroaches in which a 6 Month warranty cannot solve.
  • Onsite inspection will be required to determine a final price. Square footage of area infested and level of infestation are determing factors in determining the final price

Cockroaches Control Toronto

Threat to You

The presence of cockroaches can cause of all kinds of issues from contamination of foods with their fecal droppings and development of severe cockroach allergies in extreme roach infestations.

Besides the physical threats that the presence of cockroaches brings, there is a comfort issue for many people knowing they have cockroaches in their home or business.


Residential Cockroach Exterminator Toronto

The presence of just one cockroach can feel like your home is being invaded or perhaps your home is unsanitary. In large cities like Toronto, it’s almost inevitable that cockroaches may find may a way into your home, apartment or condo.

For those living in apartments, older buildings may be particularly susceptible as there are more opportunities for cockroaches to find a way into your place, especially if you live near the ground floor.

An experienced residential cockroach exterminator in Toronto can help you get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.


In older and larger homes, all it takes is a tiny opening and a regular source of food (you would be amazed at what they consider food) to keep them coming back for more. Older and larger houses can be difficult challenges for cockroach exterminators as there are so many opportunities for these pests to get in.

By working with an experienced Toronto cockroach exterminator like Power Pest Control, you and your family will be able to rest easy knowing you have taken the necessary precautions to eliminate cockroaches from your home.

See how we remove cockroaches in a residential kitchen below.


Commercial Cockroach Exterminator Toronto

If you think that having cockroaches in your home in Toronto is a nuisance, having them

show up at your business can be a nightmare. No business owner wants an online review with the word ‘cockroach’ in them, especially if you are restaurant or business that deals with food.

Unfortunately for business owners in Toronto and the GTA, millions of years of evolution has made cockroaches extremely good at finding food sources. Power Pest Control has years of experience exterminating cockroaches in Toronto and have worked with dozens and dozens of restaurants, bakeries and other commercial spaces to help eliminate the presence of cockroaches and prevent them from coming back.

We will work with you to develop a long-term cockroach removal strategy and show you what you can do to help your cause. We are the commercial cockroach exterminator you can count on!

The 3 most common roaches within the Greater Toronto Area are the following:

German Cockroach

Brown Banded

Roach Oriental Roach

German Cockroaches 101



    • German Cockroaches are the world most prolific breeder in terms of roach populations
    • Colour: Yellowish Brown; two distinctive parallel bands that run across the pronotum on the adults and across the entire body of the nymphs
    • Size: 1cm to 1.5 cm in length
    • Found in shipping containers and boxes of foods and other goods
    • Prefer to live near warm moist areas where they can develop rapidly and spread to multiple facilites within commerical or residential settings
    • Generally nocturnal; however they may be present in the day if there are very large populations
    • Incubation period from nympth to adult can occur from 6 to 8 weeks and live for 4 to 5 months

Areas where they love to hide are the following:

    • Kitchens under sink bowls, hinges, voids around plumbling pipes, behind fridges and stoves
    • Wash rooms in cabinets, voids around plumbing pipes, behind vanity mirrors, under the bowls of the toilet
    • Food storage areas such as pantry closets
    • Mechanical equipments industrial kitchens such as motors and compressors, behind fridge motors
    • In joints under service counter cabinets and cabinet skin
    • Within electrical junction boxes, computers and telephones
    • Under broken plaster and paint that broken away from walls

Brown Banded Roaches 101



    • Colour is mainly brown to yellowish
    • Length: 1cm to 1.5cm
    • Mainly nocturnal; however they can be seen in the day if population is large
    • Coexist with other roach populations; however the German roaches will out populate them due their prolific breeding cycle
    • Female roaches contain 16 to 18 eggs within one capsule and incubation period is about 6 to 10 weeks which is longer than German roach
    • Nymphs will take about 5 months to reach adulthood and live for approximately 10 months
    • Brown banded roaches will mainly feed on paper products

Areas where they love to hide are the following:

    • Inside furniture
    • Bedding
    • Behind picture frames
    • Old clothes cupboards
    • Inside ceiling fixtures
    • Inside electrical equipment such as televisions and telephones
    • Behind wall paper

Oriental Roaches 101



    • Size : 2.5 cm in length
    • Colour: dark brown to black
    • Females lay 16 eggs in an egg capsule and will hatch within 60 days and live have an average lifespan of up to two years
    • This roach is slow in movement and absolutely prefers to stay in dark areas within a basement where it is nice and damp; however they can found in crevices such as baseboards, utility and service tunnels and sewer pipes
    • From time to time they can reach the upper floors through plumbing pipes within the walls of building
    • Oriental roaches are sometimes tricky to because of their ability to hide in cracks and crevices due to their large size


Threat to You

The presence of cockroaches can cause of all kinds of issues from contamination of foods with their fecal droppings and development of severe cockroach allergies in extreme roach infestations


Treatment of cockroaches is a full IPM approach in which a proper inspection is necessary to know where the roaches are most likely to hide, setting up traps such glueboards and mechanical traps to monitor activity and insecticidal sprays or gels to permanently eradicate from your home or business.

You need a cockroach exterminator in Toronto that is patient and willing and able to eliminate the roaches within your home and business properly.

We have years of experience and the latest cockroach exterminator technology to not only remove them, but prevent them from coming back.




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