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  • 6 Month Warranty on carpenter removal. If the ants come back we come back at no extra charge
  • *Prices start at 295 plus tax and can vary on the size of the property and the complexity the pest problem
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Hire a Professional Ant Control Company in Toronto 

Once you realize that you have an ant control problem and need help, it’s time to call the professionals at Power Pest Control and get our ant exterminators working for you.

We have a team of ant exterminators with the knowledge and equipment to solve your pest control problem in a timely manner, without causing any harm to your family or pets.

Contact the ant extermination experts in Toronto with years of experience and stop worrying about ant control problems in your home or business!

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Ant Extermination Process From Power Pest Control

If you have been noticing ants in your property (especially in recurring locations), there’s a good chance you have an ant control problem and that means it’s time to call the ant exterminator experts in Toronto!

Depending on the type of species in your home, the ant extermination process will differ.

Here is an overview of the ant control and extermination process.

  1. Our experienced ant control professionals will provide a free estimate over the phone to give you an idea on the cost of the service.
  2. Once the paperwork is signed we will conduct a detailed inspection of your property to find the source of the problem to prevent future infestations within your home.
  3. During the evaluation process we will identify the ant species and find the potential root of the problem.
  4. Discuss treatment options.
  5. Once you’re comfortable with our analysis we will commence the treatment to eliminate the ants within your home.

As you can imagine, every case is unique. That’s why it’s so important for our ant exterminators to inspect your property in person.

We are your local ant exterminator experts in Toronto, and we’re always ready to help make pests a thing of the past.

Call us anytime for a free no obligation quote over the phone so we can explain the problem while offering affordable, logical solutions.

Learn About Our Ant Control Services 

Having ants in your home is no picnic. A true force of nature, ants are the strongest animals on the planet for their size (strength to weight ratio), making them a formidable pest to deal with. With nearly 100 species in Ontario, ants consume the same foods we eat, making it very tempting for them to get into your house.

Your home may seem like an impenetrable building, but there are numerous ways ants get in, making it necessary to call an ant exterminator in Toronto like Power Pest Control. Ant nests can be built in soil, under concrete slabs, near foundations or doorway entrances.

Tiny spaces allow them to infiltrate your property, and all it takes is one ant to find a pathway into your home and before you know it, you have an ant control problem that require ant exterminators!

Power Pest Control Inc. will provide a free no obligation quote over the phone to discuss and implement a game plan to eliminate the pest around your home.

Our process will walk you through the best ways to prevent carpenter ant infestations in the future.

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Carpenter and Pavement ants are two of the most common pests in Southern Ontario, and the methods our ant exterminators use will depend on the size, species of ant and location of the nest.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant Size: 0.6cm to 2.5cm Colour: for the most part black Carpenter Ants like moist damp wood where the can burrow galleries through your property. Sources of infestation could have come from a leak from a roof, or rotting wood around windows and doors would make it easy for this ant to make a nest and destroy home.

One of the biggest misconception of carpenter that they eat the wood; they only burrow through the wood. These ants can live indoors and outdoors; however, these are some of the following areas where you would find them within your home:

            • Under windows
            • Roof eaves
            • Decks and porches
            • Around sunroofs
            • Around door frames

The areas noted are not the only areas where they will infest; however these areas are most likely due to fact these areas have a high potential for moisture.

Signs of infestation would include sawdust being left near the source of infestation. Our ant control experts will inspect all of these elements when assessing the problem.


The major threat from this ant is that they will continuously bore through moist wood within your home causing possibly hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage if not treated properly.

Our ant exterminators look for these issues while assessing the threat. Take a look at this video and see for yourself what the carpenter ants can do to your home.

Pavement Ants

iStock_000026657379_ExtraSmall Size: 0.25 cm to .4cm long Colour: dark brown to black Pavement ants are those little ants that make those neat little sand pyramids around your home. Each and every ant has a specific task and that is to serve the queen of the nest. However, some of those workers get lost and find ways at entering home like around unsealed cracks around windows and doors around the house.


The inconvenience of having these ants around home ruining the pest free environment that you desire. Truly an unwanted guest, the ant control process is more complex than putting down a few traps or spraying the outside of your home with chemicals.

Ant nests can be home to thousands of individuals, making the need for professional ant control help apparent.

We are your ant exterminators in Toronto, and we can help you eliminate these unwanted guests and destroy the nest to ensure they don’t come back.

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