Insecticide Sprays

Pesticides We Use Around Home and Business

Contrac Blox PCP 22239 Rodenticide
Final Blox PCP 25423 Rodenticide
Boradicate PCP 30533 Insecticide
Demand CS PCP 27428 Insecticide
Tempo 20 WP PCP 25673 Insecticide
Prelude 240 PCP 26509 Insecticide
ULD P3610 PCP 15295 ULD Insecticide
Home Defense Max No Pest Strip PCP 220247 Insecticide strip
Avert 360 A PCP 27897 Insecticide bait stations
Quantum Ant Bait PCP 30513 Insecticidal bait

How many hours do I have to be out of the house when you spray?

Generally reentry period from an insecticidal spray is 4 hours; however, the label for the insecticide being used will overrule the 4 hour period.

What if I am pregnant?

Reentry time due to insecticide sprays are 4 hours; however 24 hours would be best and if there are any concerns please speak to a physician regarding reentry of unit

What about if I am elderly?

Reentry time for insecticide sprays are 4 hours; however 24 hours would be bests and if there are any concerns please speak to a physician regarding reentry of unit.

Are your chemicals safe around my home or business?

The chemicals that Power Pest Control Inc. employs are safe as they are used in accordance to the label. As such the technicians are licensed with the Ministry of Environment and extermination card will presented to client upon request.


How do I know if the mice or rat droppings are new?

Fresh droppings are soft while old droppings are dry and become dusty over time

What is the difference between mice and rat droppings?

Mice droppings are very small and narrow resembling rice grains while rat droppings are larger and thicker.

Do those ultrasonic devices actually work for mice?

Ultrasonic devices may or may not work around your home; however it is a repellant around a certain part of your home and a properly trained technician need to find point of entry to truly eliminate the problem.

How do mice or rats enter you home?

Mice and rats enter homes through structural faults around home such as an air conditioner or gas line pipe entering house that has not been properly sealed. Power Pest Control technicians are trained to find multiple points of entry around your home and exterminate the rodent that has entered your home.


What's the big deal about bedbugs?

Bedbugs is the biggest public within the last decade. Thought to be virtually eliminated due to toxic insecticides such as DDT it has made a major comeback and wont be going away anytime soon. Check out our bedbug page to see why All about Bedbugs

How do you know that you have found the right Bedbug exterminator?

It is important the service professional does a complete inspection of your property and affected areas. The service professional must clearly explain how they will use the various techniques of integrated pest management to solve your problem. Spraying and Praying wont cut it to eliminating your problem and will cause undue stress as the problem was not fully eradicated.

I paid a lot of money for my mattress do I have to throw it out?

This is a tricky question that we get a lot. It all depends on the level of infestation. If we find or two bedbugs we can save the mattress, but if the mattress is heavily infested you must replace the mattress. It is recommended that you purchase bedbug covers to protect your mattress against future infestations.

What are bedbug covers and how do they feel?

Bedbug covers are made with breathable material so the you can have a good rest on and are almost always white in color. It is necessary for the colour to be white so that bedbug identification is quick to find and prevents you from throwing out a very expensive mattress.

What other questions should you be asking your pest management professional in regards to bedbugs?

Do you have a structural pest license to apply chemicals and if so can I see it? How many treatments will I need? What follow ups and warranties are available if any? What things will we need to do in order to prepare for the treatment? How long will we need to be out of the house when you are treating the house?

How many treatments will I need?

To do a fully integrated approach you will need two treatments because any eggs that are cannot be killed by residual spray must be eliminated when they hatch within 10 to 14 days

Carpenter Ants

Someone told me that Carpenter Ants eat wood is that true?

Carpenter ants do not eat wood. People tend to mistake their behavior with termites that eat wood. What Carpenter Ants are actually doing is boring galleries through soft decaying moist wood within the structure of your home. Check out our Carpenter Ant page for potential moisture spots in your home All about Carpenter Ants

What is the best treatment strategy to eliminate Carpenter Ants?

Power has found that the best treatment strategy to quickly knockdown all the ant workers is that of barrier treatment and to follow it up with spot treatments to flush out potential ant nesting areas.

Well can't you treat the ant nest on the first service?

Absolutely! If we can find the ant trail on the spot or with the help of the client we will attack the nest right away; however, finding the ant trail is not always possible in the beginning because ants have a tendency to wander in search of food.

What should I be looking for in an ant trail?

Carpenter Ants and Pavement Ants will leave a pheromone scent that the other ants will follow to find the nest. The trail is what looks like a highway in which ants are travelling in one direction to the nest and leaving the nest in search for food. Once you find the nest it is important that you inform the technician of this finding so that this issue on your property can be quickly resolved.

How much is pest control pricing in Toronto?

What are the determining factors in pricing a job?

When a Power Pest Control Technician is determining Pest Control Pricing in Toronto and other surrounding areas we determine the following factors:

  1. Level of infestation
  2. Length of time the problem has been around
  3. Square footage of home and type of home whether detached or attached
  4. Time of day when service can be performed (night service is generally higher than regular day service)

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