• Prices start at 375 plus taxes.
  • This program is geared to home owners that have semi-detached or attached townhome environments.  Also, the property has major structural issues that cannot be resolved immediately or your property is located into an area that is conducive to rodent activity such as wooded lot or ravine lot property
  • The pest elimination strategy would consist of a thorough exterior inspection and detailed interior inspection to understand rodent traffic flow and trapping and or rodenticide to knock out rodents from your property.
  • All holes the size of golf ball or smaller will be sealed at no extra charge and any major structural issue that needs to be addressed will be referred to one of our contractors.
  • 1 Year of FREE follow ups is included in this package


Your Mice Control Experts in Toronto 

Whether you have seen small them running around your home or have found droppings, both mice and rats can create health problems for those living in your home.

Besides being a nuisance and source of mental discomfort, identifying the rodent species is the first step to getting rid of them, and our rodent exterminators are standing by.

Power Pest Control is your rat and mice removal expert in Toronto, and our team of rodent exterminators can help you identify and eliminate the rodent problem in your home.

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The Mice Removal Process in Toronto 

The first step is to identify and acknowledge the problem. Some cases may include just a few individuals, while more extreme cases can involve overwhelming numbers. Here is an outline of the Power Pest Control mice removal process.

  1. Our team of mice and rodent removal experts will perform a free quote over the phone to give you a basic understanding of cost and how we implement our game plan strategy to eliminate your rodent problem.
  1. Once onsite we will be able to quickly identify the type of rodent species that is causing you discomfort.
  1. Our rodent control experts will conduct a detailed analysis of the property by looking for telltale signs such as oil or urine marks around the entrance holes.
  1. Once we have an understanding of the general movement of the rodent activity in and around your property we will clearly explain to you on how we will resolve your problem.
  1. With your approval, we will begin the rodent extermination process!


Power Pest Control Mice and Rat Exterminators 


The chances that you have seen evidence of rats or mice without ever seeing the animals live are extremely high. Rats are especially clever, nocturnal mammals that have been infesting homes and causing problems since the middle ages.

Depending on the age, design and location of your home in Toronto in reference to external environmental factors we can use a variety of pest control strategies that will be safe around your children and pets. Our expert team of mice and rat exterminators will survey your home and look for telltale signs of point of entry and movement within your home.

Once our team of mice removal experts have identified the severity of the problem, the best solution for removing or exterminating the mice can be put into action.


Compare and contrast how mice and rats are similar yet very different:


      • Both mice and rats are part of the same rodentica family
      • Both rats and mice run against the structure of a building when their travelling for their own comfort
      • Both mice and rats leave “rub marks” along entrances of holes in walls which is caused by oil stains on stomach as they are running on the floor


    • Mice are curious while rats are shy
    • Mice will search and cover a circular radius of approximately 10 metres while rats can cover approximately 30 metres. Mice are easy to catch while rats are extremely elusive
    • Mice droppings are the size of tiny rice grains while rat droppings look similar to a pellet

Mice and rat droppings are very toxic and must be handled with caution to prevent diseases such as hantavirus being spread to yourself or loved ones. Both mice and rats may cause great fear and anxiety due to the fact they might bite you or your children if cornered.

You need a pest management professional that will walk you through your home and carefully explain what your options are for exterminating them.

Power Pest Control Inc. will provide you fast, safe and effective mice removal services for your home and business.

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