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Crawling Insects

Whether it be spiders, centipedes, or bugs you do not even recognize, surely you do not want them in your home.

The good news is, you don’t have to. As soon as you begin to notice unwanted visitors crawling around your home, call Power Pest Control to handle them immediately. When you deploy professional insect removal in Toronto, you can rid your home of these unwanted guests quickly and efficiently.

Power Pest Control is your occasional visitor removal expert in Toronto, and our team of exterminators can help you identify and eliminate the pest problem in your home.

House Centipedes





Our process

No matter the insect, you have a variety of options to get rid of them. When our team of expert exterminators visits your home, we will recognize the problem and help you choose the best course of action for your unique situation.

Here is the breakdown of how we will attack your occasional invaders problem head on:

1. We will first get a better understanding of you pest problem by providing a free no obligation quote over the phone. This will allow you to have a general understanding pf the pest elimination process and a general idea of the costs. It will also allow you to ask any questions or share any concerns.

2.The occasional visitors control process will begin with an inspection from one of our pest control specialists. They will locate the root cause of any pest problems, whether it be where the pests are entering, or where the pests are hiding. They will then assess the situation and determine the best plan of option, ideally finding a situation that is absolutely the safest option for your family and pets.

3. Our pest exterminators will begin work once they assess the situation. They will utilize and sprays or insecticides that they deem as necessary in the trouble areas. They will wipe down any areas of attraction to the pests, a remove any ideal breeding and habitat situation for the pests created in your home.

4. As a value-added service, we will scope the rest of your house to ensure there are no more problem areas that the pests might navigate to once their own habitat is disrupted.

Success Stories


  • Spotting the Pests- The most common sign of an occasional invader in the house is that home owners spot the pest itself. These bugs are not always the most discreet. Many times, they will be seen in plain sight either crawling across the floor or scavenging for food. Some of these pests are large, and some are rather small, but home owners typically do not know that they have an occasional invader inhabiting their home until the pest is actually seen.
  • Droppings- A tell-tale sign of an uninvited pest invader is their droppings, each of these bugs have different droppings, but it you ever notice a pile of unrecognized droppings in your home, you can assume that you have some occasional invaders taking shelter in your house. If you spot these droppings, it is recommended that you look in the vicinity in case the bugs are hiding out somewhere. Also look for any openings in which the pests could be entering the home in the first place.
  • Holes and Crevices- As mentioned above, many of these insects enter the home through small spaces and openings in the house’s structure. If the opening wasn’t formed naturally, there is a chance that a pest might have dug the hole itself. With this noted, it is important that homeowners be on the lookout for any new holes or crevices in the structure of the home. This might either indicate that the insects are now inhabiting the house, or are likely to in the near future.
  • Out of Place Materials- Many of these insects are known for building nests and shelters inside of the home. These homes are often built behind appliances and inside of walls. However, many times the pests will gather material from inside of the house. They might build these nests with mud, sand, fabrics, or any other material they can carry. It is likely that they will leave trails behind when trying to get these materials to their necessary places. Therefore, if a home owner spots any trails of these materials in their home, it can be a pretty clear indicator that there is an uninvited species inhabiting the space.
  • Sounds and Activity- These pests tend to be more active at night. While the sounds may not be as prevalent as a larger pest such as a mouse or rat, some of the larger insects will still make noises in the quiet of the nights as they move around the house and especially inside of the walls and ceiling.


While having an unwanted pest in your house may seem problematic in itself, there are many reasons that these uninvited visitors may be more of a problem than you even knew.

Unsanitary- These pests have no manners, because, quite frankly, they are bugs. Therefore, they have no problem crawling all over intimate areas of the house. They may climb on food when the home owners do not see them. They may climb on toothbrushes, and inside of beds, making them an extremely uncomfortable and unsanitary problem.

Disease- Not only does the above issue pose a problem in that it is unsanitary, but it can also spread disease. As clan as your house may be, these bugs were likely in some disgusting areas before entering your home. That means, all of the disease and bacteria that their little feet picked up when walking around the sewer is now on your food, toothbrush, and bed. This can make people extremely sick, and can spread disease to the whole household.

Allergic Reactions- Some people may not realize that they or their child is allergic to one of these pests until it is inside of the home causing the person’s throat to close, or their skin to break out into a rash. After all, who thinks to get tested to see if they are allergic to cockroaches? By the time the person realizes they are allergic they can already be extremely effected by the uninvited nuisance in the home. This is why it is recommended that the person call an exterminator at first sign of these creatures.

Irritants- Even if you are not allergic to the bugs, certain species are known for causing irritating rashes, even before the person is aware they have a problem. Take bedbugs for instance. These creatures stay in the bed and many times the home owner does not even know there is a problem until the person is breaking out with a rash during the night hours.

Bites- Some of these bugs bite. This alone should be enough to call an exterminator. No one wants to be bitten, and especially not in their own home. The scariest part is, at times these bites can be extremely dangerous and poisonous, and sometimes even warrant medical attention.

As you can see from these risks, these pests can be a little more than an irritating houseguest, but they can be extremely dangerous ad can even put your entire family’s health in jeopardy.




DIY options- and why they don’t work

Many people take to DIY options that they find online to handle their pest problems rather than call an exterminator. If you have a pest problem, you might have seen one of the below recommendations:

Cinnamon– This is a remedy mostly seen in the treatment of ants, however, some might recommend it for all insects. The instructions simply recommend sprinkling cinnamon in the areas the bugs are entering, and the spice should help deter them away.

Dishwashing Liquid- This substance is another tactic seen in a variety of DIY options. Simply mix dishwashing liquid with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Proceed to spray the mixture on all windows and doors or any other areas where occasional invaders may be entering the home.

Borax and Sugar– Many may recommend mixing borax with sugar and spraying that round the house as well.

Stomping– When in doubt, there is always the option of smashing the pest with a shoe in order to kill it and stop it from spreading more problems around the home.

Baking Soda- Some methods recommend baking soda as a removal options. This is seen as a recommendation for bugs that tend to burrow into furniture such as bed bugs and fleas. Many will recommend that you sprinkle this substance on upholstery and carpets, then proceed to vacuum. Once you vacuum, it is important that you remove the contents of the vacuum from your home and discard it outside.

Store-Bought Bombs- Some people go to the extreme of “bombing” their home. In order to do this, they purchase a bug bomb from a local store and place it in the home. This is an extreme process requiring the person to clear rooms and leave the house for at least a day. This process typically needs to repeated multiple times.

While these are all decent options for small scale problems, if the home has a severe infestation, none of these DIY solutions will suffice. The issue is that either the homemade products are not strong enough to take out the whole army of pests, or the solution is only focusing on the pests that are visible, and neglecting the pests that are reproducing inside of the home’s walls and ceilings.

Store bought insecticides- There is a wide variety of insecticides to purchase from your local store. You will see one for just about every insect you can think of. They make these for inside bugs and outdoor pests. Many believe that this will fix their problem because of the chemicals discussed and the commercials advertising the product.

Unfortunately, insecticide sprays are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Those that work on arthropods will not necessarily work on spiders. Instead, you need customized services for your spider, millipede, centipede, and earwig removal in Toronto.

Power Pest Control has years of experience removing the occasional invaders, so this is not an issue for out experts.

We know the right combination of insecticidal sprays and where these invaders like to hide. We not only treat the area, we include our warranty program so that if these invaders are spotted again, we will come out and re-treat the area free of charge.


When our group of trained professionals first show up to your home, they will conduct an inspection. They will go around the whole home and look for any signs of pests, droppings, or nests. The will look over the home’s walls, windows, and doors, in order to detect where the insects are entering the home. Our experts have seen countless infested homes over the years, and have learned to recognize the tell-tale signs of these pests and their inhabitants. They will be able to inspect your home and find any problems in no time.


Once the pet’s entrance route is detected, our exterminators will get to work on ridding the house of the bugs. They will attack any areas of high traffic for the bugs with poisons and chemicals that will either cause the bugs to leave, or kill them on contact. They will apply this to any found nests or entrances detected.

Note, that our exterminators work very hard to find the right products for your unique situation. These methods should not in any way affect you or your family. However, it is still important to exercise caution when dealing with these areas.


Before our exterminators leave, they will provide clients a method to stop the pests from returning in the future. They will offer ideas of food storage to prevent the bugs from finding interest in the home. They will also suggest windows, doors, and walls to seal in order to prevent the pests from returning through old entrances.


Types of Occasional Visitors

There are a variety of pests that maybe inhabiting your home without invitation:

Centipedes: These bugs can be found in Canada, and are mainly found under stones, boards, or sticks. They can also be found beneath moist leaf litter and other organic materials outside. They prefer dark and damp areas, and are found in basements and attacks in a home. If they are disturbed, they will seek the nearest hiding place. In order to get rid of these pests, it is important to eliminate any areas of moisture in your home.

Millipedes: Toronto sees a lot of requests to remove millipedes form homes because, unlike centipedes, they prefer to live indoors. They tend to be a dark brown color and have two sets of many legs. They tend to coil up in defense whenever they are disturbed. When you remove their food source, they tend to dry up and die.

Earwigs- These bugs are expert hiders in homes, and this make the removal process even more difficult without an expert. They tend to be more active at night, and prefer to be outside, however, they will likely come indoors if they can in cases of bad weather. Inside of the house, they are typically found near water sources such as in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. They feed on plants and other insects.

Sowbugs- These bugs are related to the centipede and millipede. They tend to move indoors when possible during the spring weather. Inside the home, they live off of decaying vegetables and other organic material outside. In nature, they are usually found under rocks and debris, preferably in gardens that have been over-watered. In the home, they typically die from desiccation. They curl into a ball when they are disturbed, as a defense mechanism.

Spiders- many are familiar with these creatures and their many species. In Toronto, the most common spiders are wolf, cellar, and ordinary house spiders. They tend to lay eggs in a likened sac. These creatures only live for one season, and they are passive hunters who wait for their pray to fall victim to their web. They prefer undisturbed corners of a home, especially corners up high by ceilings so that they can remain undisturbed. In order to remove them from the home permanently, they typically require a specific combination of insecticide spray along with physical removal. They also require adjustments in the home to prevent return.

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If you have occasional visitors in your home, the matter should be handled quickly and professionally for the safety of yourself and your family. Don’t wait until the problem grows, and don’t try to handle it yourself with remedies found online.



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