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Bugs can thrive in any environment, but poor cleaning habits can make your pest woes even worse. A dirty house packs a double punch because it not only entices bugs and other pests to walk right in, but it also gives them a great incentive to stay, snack, and make themselves right at home.

Who cares if my house is a little dirty?

Bugs care, that’s who. Leaving food out and having crumbs on the countertops and floors gives pests plenty of options and acts as an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. Clutter, piles of paper, and overall messiness gives them a sweet little hiding spot or place to nest, all without you seeing what they’re up to.

Pests can get into your home through open doors and windows, cracks in the exterior of your house, or by hitching a ride on your belongings, which can happen to anyone, even people with annoyingly clean houses. But it’s what they find inside that makes a dirty home irresistible to creepy crawlers of all types.

Who’s coming to visit?

When you roll out the welcome mat by having a dirty house you can expect a full range of unwanted guests. Some of the most common critters that Toronto pest exterminators see in unkempt homes are bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches who will want to party at your place if it’s a mess.

What exactly are they eating?

Just as you love Mexican while your best friend prefers Italian, pests have a variety of favorite foods. While they’re not limited to these types of cuisine, some favorite dishes for these pests are:



It’s time to tidy up the kitchen because cockroaches love to eat anything sweet or starchy, meaning those cookie crumbs you left on the couch late last night are the perfect treat. They also eat rare delicacies like human hair, so sweeping the bathroom floor and cleaning out your shower drain goes a long way in cutting off their food supply.



There’s a reason ants always crash picnics – they love food and aren’t picky. Any meats or sweets are extra appealing, so wipe up your kids’ jam fingerprints and spilled juices if you want to avoid an army of hungry ants.



Bedbugs eat human blood and prey on you while you’re sleeping. They can enter even the cleanest homes, but poor cleaning habits means that you might not discover them. They love to hide around the base of your mattress and box spring or under your fitted sheets, so failing to change your bedding lets them go unnoticed. The longer they live in your bed without you discovering them, the more they’ll multiply and create a full-blown infestation that takes major bedbug pest control.


Sigh. I guess it’s time to get back to those weekend chores…

Yup – break out the broom. While bugs can still enter your home when its clean, keeping it tidy and clutter free will wipe out their primary food sources and send them over to your neighbor’s house instead.

Oops, it’s too late. I already have a pest problem!

Don’t panic. Just pick up the phone and call a professional Toronto exterminator to come to your rescue. While you’re waiting for them to swoop in and save the day, start cleaning. De-cluttering and cleaning up will make it easier for the pros to do their job. A good pest control company will quickly assess your issue and spring into action to rid your home of uninvited bugs.

Grab your mop and give us a call at 647-708-7378 or contact us online and we’ll get you well on your way to a cleaner, bug-free home.