Stay Wary Of Fire Wood Pests Entering Your Home

There’s nothing cozier than keeping the fireplace running all winter long, especially on the weekends after a hockey game, going ice skating at an outdoor rink, or tobogganing down the nearest local hill.

There is nothing quite like the smell of real wood burning, or traipsing out into the snow to bring in a pile of fire wood while the hot chocolate brews for the kids.

But be careful what you’re bringing into your home when you stack those logs up next to the fire ready to keep your living room toasty; dead wood is a great habitat for plenty of different insects.

One of the best ways to keep pests from entering your home in the winter through fire wood is to only bring wood inside that you plan to burn that very day, and leave it outside in a shed for next time.

However, it’s advisable that you avoid keeping fire wood next to the walls of your home, as it can provide shelter to pests like mice and rats, who will try to find a way into your home when the weather gets cold.

Of all the creatures that make their home in logs, the most damaging to your house is the carpenter ant; colonies carve out long galleries where they lay their eggs and bring back food.

While carpenter ants spend most of the winter dormant, if they are indoors, sufficient heating will keep them active.

If you see them in your home in the winter, it means that you already have an active infestation someplace inside your home, or they were brought in with the fire wood and became active thanks to the heat.

Once active, they will begin to look for a place to carve out galleries and start up a new colony – carpenter ants frequently create satellite colonies that branch out from the original.

Once in your home, they can cause serious structural damage behind the walls; unlike termites, they do not eat wood, but they do break it down and shift it out of the way to make room for their home.

Left untreated for long enough, you can find yourself facing thousands of dollars of repairs to fix the damage that they’ve left behind.

If you’re facing off against carpenter ants or any other pest that remains active in the winter, like cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, or rodents, call Power Pest Control for a treatment plan.

After you get your free estimate over the phone, a Power Pest Control technician will come to your home and evaluate the situation, carefully inspect all possible sources of the infestation, identify the species, and discuss treatment options with you.

Most of our treatment plans focus on a combination of extermination and exclusion, which means making sure that the exterior of your home is allowing them to come – besides fire wood, they often come through leaking roofs or rotting wood around windows and establish themselves indoors.

Finally, all of the chemicals Power Pest Control technicians use are safe, whether you’re concerned about the health consequences for children, pets, or a pregnant woman in your household.

Our ongoing treatment plans are sure to keep your home free of all pests, all year long. Just give us a call.

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