Why Do Silverfish Creep Us Out So Bad?

The common silverfish is a small, wingless insect. It has a cute name. So why does this wriggling bug creep us out so very, very badly?

Aside from their being very annoying and destructive as household pests, silverfish live, at least as far as insects are concerned, for a very long time. Silverfish can live for a total of two to eight years given the proper environment. That’s way too long.

Silverfish eat almost anything. They feed on paper, photos, wallpaper paste, fabrics from cotton to linen, and carbohydrate-rich foods they might find in your home.  As particular favorites, they love to dine on sugar, flour, bread, and cereals. Imagine finding one in your box of Captain Crunch.

These little horrors even chow down on the starches and glue in book bindings.

While silverfish also eat stuff we don’t want to be bothered to clean up like mold and dandruff – they even eat dead insects – it’s the fact that they can survive for a number of months without any food at all that makes them a challenge to wipe out.

You can tell a silverfish from its elongated and relatively flat body which tapers at one end. They feature a segmented surface and they’re covered with silvery-grey, shiny scales. Two long antennae at the top of their heads and three long “bristletail” nodes pop out of their hindquarters, and they have three pairs of legs. As adults, silverfish reach a quarter of an inch to half an inch long.

But it’s their rapid movement and wriggling run that makes them so creepy to watch. Their light-colored legs are hard to see in some lighting conditions, and that’s what makes them appear to be “swimming” across the floor. They also move in shorter intervals, come to a complete halt, and then take off swimming again.

They can enter your home on their own or hitch a ride in a container, and they’re major pests capable of destroying lots of property. Scientists say they don’t transmit disease, but what do they know?

Silverfish are often found in damp areas like basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms or kitchens, and they’re nocturnal creatures.  In Toronto, silverfish and other such delightfully slithery creatures head straight to areas of high moisture in your house. Parts of the bathroom and under the kitchen sink are among their favorites, as are laundry rooms, and damp, dark basement corners. Setting up a dehumidifier in moist areas can go a long way toward helping dry things rolling up the welcome mat to discourage pests.

Yet, another annoying facet of their existence is that they leave scales and yellow stains behind them as they swim along your walls and floors.

You can rid your home of the problem with a variety of toxic chemicals, but you should definitely leave that to pros like us to make sure they’re safely applied and in the correct concentrations. If chemicals are needed to treat your silverfish problem, seek out professional pest removal in Toronto to make sure any potential dangers associated are addressed.

As real homeowners and family-folk ourselves, we completely understand that no one wants a pest problem in their home, and we know that silverfish are just horrible to look at. We use our knowledge and skills to make your home – and your family – as safe and comfortable as possible. We deal with pest issues effectively and quickly, and we do it well, making us the most reliable pest control service in Toronto.

As dudes who hate pests, delighting clients and scaring bugs and rodents is our goal.  We invite you to see first-hand what we can do for you.

When you’re trying to rid your home of nasty pests (because they’re guaranteed to come back if you don’t properly exterminate them all) you need a professional Toronto exterminator. That’s us, and we know the key us to look beyond the visible signs of pest activity to find the root cause.

Give us a call today. We can tell you some really creepy stories about what we do, or, if you’re among the faint of heart, we can just go straight to work taking care of your pest prevention and control needs. You can reach us direct at 647-708-7378 (we’re kind of fun to talk to) or get in touch with us online to book a consultation with our pro team who will squash your silverfish and put your mind at ease once again.

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