Scarier Than Your In-Laws - Which Pests are Coming to Visit This Holiday

‘Tis the season! Carollers are singing, shoppers are shopping, and you’re prepping for the perfect family holiday. You’ve got everything from the turkey to the stocking stuffers in order, and your holiday feast is sure to be the best on the block. Adopting an attitude of “the more the merrier” may be great for welcoming friends and family to your holiday table, but you may also be opening your door wide open to the neighborhood pests who were too lazy to organize their own Christmas dinner.


As your relatives make themselves comfortable in your home for the holidays, so do the pests who come creeping in on your in-laws’ coattails. You won’t believe the type of pests that you’ll find in your place over the holidays, and you may be surprised to know that they’ve been waiting all winter for an invite to your place.


Just as every family has a list of the usual suspects like your tipsy cousin, or your no-filter Grandma, there’s a guest list of typical pests who will grace the homes of the GTA with their presence this holiday season.


Who’s Coming to Visit

During the colder months, look for these festive pests that make themselves comfortable in your home:


  • Rodents – St. Nick isn’t the only one to come creeping down your chimney this winter. Rats and mice love to sneak in through the nooks and crannies of your home, looking for your plate of milk and cookies as a warm welcome. Toronto rodents love escaping the snow and ice for the warm and cozy accommodations of your home.


  • Cockroaches – One of Toronto’s most notorious pests, cockroaches love to keep the holiday party spirit alive by coming caroling their way over to your house and inviting themselves right in. Cockroaches in Toronto spread the holiday cheer throughout your home – under your sink, behind your stove or fridge, inside your bathroom cabinets, and in the utility drain by your water heater.


  • Bedbugs – Not ones to be left out of the action, bedbugs come riding into your home, often on guest’s luggage or other fabric items that they can cling to. Once they’re inside, they’re like those annoying guests that you just can’t get rid of. They stake their claim around your bed frame and wait until they can sense the warmth of your sleeping body before they come out to feast on human blood, like a true Christmas/vampire miracle.


  • Carpenter Ants – Many people assume ants are just for summer picnics, but the smart ones have made their way inside before it gets cold. Carpenter ants are the wallflowers of your holiday party – literally. Carpenter ants are made to destroy, chewing through the wood in your walls and burrowing inside, continuing to munch their way around looking for food and causing major structural damage to your home in the meantime. This type of behavior lands them on Santa’s naughty list, but they don’t care.


You can’t help it – your place is utterly irresistible during the holidays. Pests come for the Christmas cookies, and you can’t get rid of them. The key to keeping unwanted holiday guests strictly to humans is to make your home unattractive to pests in the first place. There are several things you can do during your holiday prep to keep pests away from your home, such as:


  • Mind the humidity – Pests love moist areas inside your home, just like you love the sauna at the spa. Make an extra effort to keep humidity levels low in your home to deter pests. Use the fan in the bathroom and keep it running even after your shower to dry up the moisture in the bathroom. Or try a dehumidifier in areas that may be extra humid, like around your water heater or areas in your basement that are located near melting snow and ice.


  • Clean your yard – Even in the snow, you should pay attention to the state of your backyard. Pests love to hide out in areas like under wood piles, so keep your firewood stored off the ground, in a sealed storage bin if possible. Maintain the rest of your outdoor spaces so they’re not junky or filled with piles where pests can hide out.


  • Think like a pest Get down to their level and inside their puny minds. Think about where the most obvious areas for entering your home are and make sure those spots are sealed up tightly. Look around your foundation, soffit, and doors and windows for any cracks or gaps. It doesn’t take much space for a pest to fit through, so if you see any potential entry areas, caulk them shut or board them up as needed.


  • Use the chimney with care – Before you get cozy around the fireplace with a hot toddy, take the time to make sure your chimney is properly set up to keep pests out. Put a chimney cap at the top of your Christmas wish list – it’s the only way to seal up the rooftop entrance from curious pests who want to play Santa and slip inside your home from above. This is especially important if you have branches that hang close to your roof where pests can gain easy access. Keep those branches pruned back and your chimney gated off, so pests don’t stand a chance at sneaking inside.


Call the professionals – Your best bet for pest-proofing and dealing with existing infestations before the holidays is to call a professional Toronto pest control company to look around your home and take care of business the right way. Let an expert use their fancy equipment and know-how to keep pests out and eradicate any that have already made their way inside. A pest-free home is the gift that keeps on giving, so don’t delay in calling an exterminator to take care of your unwanted guests pests this winter.


This holiday season, spend your time wrestling with the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and spiking the eggnog, and leave the extermination to the pros. Call us at 647-708-7378 or connect with us online so we can deal with your pests and rival Santa in the Christmas magic we bring to your home.