Bed bugs are one of life’s worst surprises – not only are they incredibly difficult to get rid of without professional help, they can seriously disrupt your life.

They cause sleepless nights as you begin to suspect that any kind of movement is a bug, even after treatment, plus you will have to do a lot of laundry and maybe even lose some clothes that can’t be thrown in the dryer (drying your clothes on high heat for a long period of time will kill them off).

The long sleepless nights can take a toll on you mentally and emotionally – so call in the professionals sooner than later.

Here’s how the team at Power Pest Control treats bed bugs:

  • We steam treat all of the fabric furniture in your home, including your mattress, sofa, pillows, etc., as extreme heat will kill both bugs and eggs.
  • We spray baseboards and spot treat furniture with insecticides as well; while a full spray can be bad for fabric materials, heat treatment alone can simply cause the critters to spread to new rooms or neighbouring apartments or houses – which means they simply return.
  • We also use a dust on wall voids and around entry-points like electrical outlets to prevent infestations originating in a neighbouring home from returning. It’s always possible that your infestation has already spread to the neighbour and could return, but residual dusts can kill them as they attempt to return.

The Power Pest Control treatment plan is multi-pronged because no single tactic is enough to eliminate an infestation without risking their imminent return; combining strategies leads to a higher success rate.

Part of our price also includes a mandatory follow-up two weeks after we first treat your home and we also have a special rate for bed bug inspection alone.

Post-treatment, you can take some measures to discourage a repeat infestation; if your home shares a party wall or you live in an apartment, it pays to take extra precautions after treatment, as your neighbours may be a source of infestation.

Continue to check your mattress, head board, and other hot spots for a full week after treatment, but be discerning; having bed bugs can be traumatic and you begin to think that everything is a bug.

You can also use plastic “interceptors” that surround the feet of your bed – they are not fool-proof prevention methods (as you can just as easily bring them into bed yourself), but they do help you monitor their presence.

You can also vacuum carpets and furniture to prevent the odd hitchhiker from setting themselves up.

Seal openings around electrical outlets and light sockets to prevent them from migrating from one home to another, and bring fresh plastic bags to take home clothes and bed sheets from the laundromat.

When you call Power Pest Control to treat your apartment, we can also assess your furniture and advise you on whether or not you can safely use bed beg covers or if you’re better off disposing of your mattress.

Buying a new mattress can be expensive, and if it’s salvageable without risking a return infestation, it’s best to do so. If you do have to dispose of it, however, make sure you spray paint a warning on it to prevent the problem from spreading further.

Having bed bugs is an overwhelming experience – call us as soon as you notice bites on your self and let us handle the situation.

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