Rats Chewing Car Wires

Rats ate my car. You read that right.

Of all the things you know can go wrong with your car – dead battery, flat tires, blown gaskets, electrical and computer problems, even a busted cup holder – you probably don’t worry that much about having rats eat your car.

Well now I do, and so should you.

I have two cars, one I drive to work every day in Toronto and one I take out in nice weather to regain my sanity after a long week.

And it’s the car I love that got eaten by rats; my 1997 Honda del Sol. It’s not fast, but it is “wind in your hair cool” and the previous owner put a nice stereo in it. So of course, it’s the car I enjoy that got eaten by rats.

It seems that as typical rodents, rats spend a bunch of time gnawing away on stuff.  The experts say it’s because their teeth are constantly growing, so they gnaw to keep their teeth in order. Whether they’re trying to avoid orthodontics or they’re just hungry all the time, these little devils have been known to chew through everything. Case in point, my car’s wiring.

So, one fine Saturday morning I decide I want to take a little drive out to Campbellville and swing by the Ice House. I head out to the garage, hop in the del Sol, and turn the key.

Nothing happens. I turn the key again, and this time a see some tiny wisps of smoke, so I jump out, pop the hood and discover some of the wiring is now chewed to bits and smoking pretty good.  And along with the obviously chewed up wiring, I also see some stuff that looks like the bedding in the bottom of a hamster cage. I also find leaves, twigs, a dried-up branch of berries, and lots and lots of rat droppings. Rats had eaten my car

In the course of one week, those filthy buggers ate my car and nearly helped burn down my garage.

Thoroughly grossed out, and frankly, quite annoyed, I took to the internet to see if other people were also having this problem. It turns out I wasn’t the only Torontonian suffering from rat-chewed-car-syndrome. What I learned is that it’s rather common for new cars to include wiring coated in some kind of soy-based bioplastic stuff, and as a result, rodents are very, very into the taste of these wires.

The Honda cost me $900+ to repair, and the damage wasn’t covered by my insurance.

I did some research lately and it seems that some car manufacturers are faced with class action lawsuits, which are seeking damages because those companies are making cars that rats like to eat. It turns out that some cars are chewed up even worse than mine, to the tune of up to $10,000 in damage.

So, here’s my question. How do I keep rats from eating my car again?

As rat horror stories go, this one is more common than you might think, so here are my tips for keeping rats out of your car:

  • Cut off their entry points to your garage and home
  • Keep food items and food waste out of their reach and bagged up if it’s in your garage
  • Use traps or rat poison, but make sure it’s where pets can’t get at it
  • Call a professional exterminator

From snap-traps to poison and glue strips, there are plenty of solutions to help you catch rats and mice. If you have kids and pets, glue traps are the safest option.

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