fruit flies

Fruit Flies 101

    • Common name was given to this fly due to the fact that it found breeding and developing in fruit and other organic matter
    • Fruit flies can either have black eyes or red eyes and name appropriately black eyed fruit fly and the red eye fruit fly
    • Females can lay up to 500 eggs in the potential breeding source and the eggs will hatch in about 300 days
    • Adults will mate in two days and the adults will live for about 8 to 10 days



    • Fruit flies are considered a public nuisance; however can become a disease vector if they come in contact with food


Bottle & Blow Flies 101

blow flies

    • Blow flies and bottle flies lay and develop their eggs in decomposing meats and organic waste mostly likely from garbage areas
    • They will also develop in animal and human waste
    • The most common blow flies seen are the blue bottle and green bottle flies
    • Green and Blue bottle flies are distinguished by their shiny exterior either being green or blue
    • The Green and Blue bottle flies are the first to show when animal carcasses are found
    • These flies may enter premises in the spring and summer through open windows and doors in homes or inside a home if an animal as died with the home and not been removed from premises



    • Blow Flies are major threat to your health as they are a disease vector in which the develop and lay their eggs in excrement and decaying organic matter and may come in contact with open food with their fecal droppings

You need a pest control professional that can identify the type of flies and their breeding spots and take proper corrective action to eliminate from your home and business.

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