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Spring has finally arrived and that means lovers are getting busy. And not just the human kind; the bug and rodent kind are getting it on too.

We keep a veritable library of information about the most common springtime pests in Ontario, and they include ants to mice to wasps. And the coming of spring means every one of those pestiferous creatures is on the prowl and looking for love.

As the cold retreats, spiders, mice, sow bugs, earwigs, millipedes, and centipedes start their annual process of breeding and proliferating. You’re also soon to see an uptick in the number of flies, bees, wasps, and ants. Even the really nasty guys – rats and roaches get in on the action. Winter kills lots of them off, but the onset of spring means the pest removal business in Toronto cranks up in earnest.

Springtime can mean a Hitchcock-movie-type swarm of insects emerge that make you nearly insane. As lakes, rivers, and stagnant pools unfreeze to release these revolting lovers, humans suffering begins.

Increased precipitation over previous spring and winters provide ready habitat for larvae, and a rainy summer and snowy winter leads to more debris from winter – and more decaying debris on the ground – and that’s a perfect breeding ground for bugs and pests.

The peak month for bug complaints in Toronto is May, and the calls for relief continue through September.

But, be warned, spring is not the only the time bugs like to emerge. Over the long winter, mice and rats try to head indoors in search of food and warmth, and in Ontario where temperatures stay below freezing for weeks or months on end, they were happy to bunk with you to wait it out. But come spring, your rodent problem can get a whole lot worse.

Indoors, mice breed all year long but their busiest “love cycle” comes during the spring and the fall. They produce litters of 5 to 6 at a time and they’re born approximately 3 weeks after fertilization and reach maturity at 6 weeks. You can prepare for some serious spring cleaning by calling us, Power Pest Control, to deal with your spring rodent problem.

Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to remove mice in Toronto involves tracking, trapping, physical removal, and ‘rodenticide’ applications to entirely eliminate your rodent issues. Our technicians understand rodent traffic in your home, and we keep them from spreading parasites, salmonella, and hantavirus. What does this mean for you? We’ll come and assess your home, then get straight to work breaking up any pest hanky-panky that’s going on.

Call us at 647-708-7378 to learn more. As the premier professional Toronto exterminator, we’d love to chat with you about what we can do to take care of your pest prevention needs, and as part of the experience of working with us, we’ll explain how it is that we do what we do, and what you can do to stay pest-free in the future.