get rid of wasps Toronto

Wasps are nasty pieces of work and one of the most annoying and dangerous pests. In Southern Ontario, bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets are known for displaying aggressive behavior – they attack your family and pets – and it’s an instinctive drive. Nothing spoils a backyard barbeque faster than having your guests swatting and screaming around your deck. We’ve all been there.

While bees are vital for the survival of crops, plants, and flowers, wasps aren’t so useful. They feed on other insects and common foods found around your home and garden. Yellow jackets like fruits, sugary drinks, and other insects, and that means they’re attracted to common items around your property.

And wasp stings are just plain nasty. If you don’t have sting allergies – and most people don’t – you’ll only show minor symptoms including a sharp pain at the initial sting, but that will be followed by redness and swelling. You might also utter a swear word or two.  The stings also itch like crazy after a while, and a large raised welt will pop up. Sexy. You might also suffer what’s known as a “large local reaction,” and that can lead to anaphylactic shock.

You and the kids definitely don’t want to deal with anaphylaxis: it’s brutal and the symptoms aren’t something to ignore because they can be deadly. Those symptoms include:

  • Skin reactions
  • Feeling like you have a lump in your throat and difficulty swallowing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rapid pulse
  • Running nose and sneezing
  • Swelling of the lips or tongue
  • Difficulty breathing
  • A tingling sensation in the hands, feet, mouth or along your scalp

The best course of action is to avoid stings altogether by calling a friendly Toronto wasp exterminator. They need to know how to find wasp nests and eliminate them using the safest methods. It takes years of experience serving clients to ensure that a wasp problem can be brought under control.

Done correctly, the proper wasp control process will use the least toxic insecticides to make sure the process is safe for your children and pets. It starts at the nest, and once that’s been treated, the nest is removed and disposed of entirely if the nest is accessible.

Wasp nests start small and during the spring season at about the size of a golf ball, but once they reach the size of a basketball, getting rid of one is no longer a DIY option.

We’re your wasp nest removal experts in Toronto and our team of fearless wasp exterminators has seen it all. As the best professional Toronto exterminator, we look beyond the visible signs of pest activity and use a variety of tools and know-how to get to the root of the issue. Call today. We’ll have a chat about what we can do to take care of your pest prevention needs, and we’ll get straight to work. You can reach us at 647-708-7378 or get in touch with us online to book a consultation so we can start our job of making wasps a thing of your past.