Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Bedbugs


Bedbugs first came to North America in the 1800s and stuck around until the 1950s, when they up and disappeared. Over the last several decades, they’ve made their way back and we’ve seen Toronto bedbug infestation levels rise dramatically, taking what was once seen as a “low class” problem and turning into a major concern for everyone.


You know they’re gross, and you know you don’t want them in your home, but chances are you have lots of unanswered questions about bedbugs. As icky as they are, it’s better to educate yourself, so you know what to do if you spot these tiny but terrifying bugs in your home. Here’s everything you really don’t want to know about bedbugs, but we’re telling you anyway:


How do they get into my house?

Bedbugs love to travel. When they’re not seeing the sights, they’re hitching a ride in your luggage. From there, they make their way into your house. You can pick them up on airplanes, offices, and hotels (even the fancy ones). Contrary to what you may have heard, bedbugs don’t cling to people, but they can easily tag along on your clothing, used furniture, and rugs.


Where do they live?

Once they’ve arrived in your home, they’ll make their way to an area where they’re close to their food source, which is human blood. Their favorite hangout locale is a dead giveaway by their name – your bed.


How do I know if I have bedbugs?

If you wake up with little red, itchy bites, often in lines or zig zag patterns, it’s your first whiff of a problem. Finding them is the real evidence you need, but sneaky bedbugs are small and flat and they can easily fit into tight areas. They also only come out at night, so if you’re searching for them in broad daylight, an untrained eye might have trouble spotting them. They don’t tend to lounge around in the middle of your duvet, but will grab a bite and sneak back into hiding to enjoy their meal. You may notice tiny spots of blood on your bedding, and to locate bedbugs look around the piping around the edge of your mattress and box spring, under your fitted sheets, and around the frame of your bed. You may be able to spot the actual bugs themselves but often will just find their droppings or their shed skin.


Maybe I only have one or two.

Reality check: bedbugs never go anywhere without their entourage. You may find the odd wallflower, but they generally gather in groups. If you find one, chances are their friends aren’t too far behind.


Hmmm, maybe it’s time to hire a house cleaner.

There is a popular misconception that bedbugs live in dirty hotels and homes where the living conditions are less than sanitary. The fact is, bedbugs can appear in any home, no matter how ritzy your neighborhood is, or how talented you are with a vacuum. However, a tidy house does help when you’re trying to get rid of them, because cleared surfaces give them fewer places to hide out.


How do I get rid of them?

There are plenty of things you can try to get rid of bedbugs, like using heat by placing all your bed linens in a hot dryer cycle. You can throw things in the freezer and kill bed bugs that way too. Some people attack them with a fabric steamer. The problem with these techniques is that they work on the bugs that you can see, but they don’t get to the root of the problem or to the larger group that may be living somewhere you can’t see.


Your best option for getting rid of bedbugs is to call a professional Toronto bedbug exterminator. A bedbug expert will come to your home and assess the bedrooms, looking carefully in all the stealthy places these little blood-suckers like to hide in. A professional exterminator can think like a bedbug and will use their skills to locate the infestation. Then, depending on your situation and the scope of your infestation, they’ll come up with their plan of attack.


Are you sure I can’t just handle this on my own?

Hiring a professional can seem expensive, but when it comes to bedbugs, you don’t want to mess around. They are easily transferred to other rooms in the house and to the belongings of other people who come into your home, so it’s important to nip an infestation in the bud. Hiring a professional takes a lot of the psychological stress of having bedbugs off your shoulders, and you can rest easier knowing that you’re getting the job done right.


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