types of bedbug treatments

Once bedbugs find their way in, removing them is not easy.

These small, wingless insects are by far one of the most repulsive ever created, and they enjoy feeding on your blood while you sleep.

Sadly, bedbugs are making a serious comeback.

Over the past decade, bedbugs smartened up, evolved, and now are resistant to most treatments.

So, how does one eradicate an insect that has been around for centuries and knows how to avoid certain death?

Luckily, there are types of bedbug treatments that these bloodsuckers have not quite adjusted to (yet). As long as they work, they are your best option for eradicating a bedbug infestation.

What are the Best Bedbug Removal Treatments Out There?

It doesn’t matter if you spotted a single bedbug and squished it or you fear your neighbor’s unsanitary living will leave you with an infestation, knowing how to get rid of these insects is critical.

1. Stop Using Over the Counter Pesticides – They Don’t Work

All the over-the-counter pesticides that claim to eradicate bedbugs are lying to you. Bedbugs are smart, devious, and they are immune to most pesticides and bug sprays. You might as well mist them with your favorite perfume because adding a scent is all those sprays will do.

2. Work It “Like a Heat Wave”

If it helps to sing Martha and the Vandellas while you steam those insects to their doom, please do so. Humans enjoy the warmth of a good steaming hot shower, hot summer’s day, or a bath. Bedbugs don’t feel the same.

Steam is by far the most efficient treatment for bedbug removal.

While they can persistently live through the waves of pesticides, they are not equipped to handle high temperatures.

3. Reach for Your Friendly Fossilized Matter

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a great preventative measure that also captures bedbugs when they try to re-invade. While it sounds torturous, and perhaps that delights you after knowing how gruesome bedbugs can be, DE dries out the exoskeleton and kills bedbugs.

It’s slow moving, though. So, you need a professional to perform a treatment first. Then, follow up with a DE treatment.

Want the Best Bedbug Removal Treatment? You Need a Pro

While you can use all three types of bedbug treatments listed here, nothing beats the expertise and tools that a professional will bring to your home.

The team at Power Pest Control, Inc. understands bedbugs. We know where they hide, feed, and what it takes to kill them and keep them from coming back.

Instead of living with bedbugs, call Power Pest Control, Inc. and get effective treatment for your home today. 

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