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Most of us are under the false presumption that bed bugs only invade filthy homes or afflict the homeless.

Did you know that even the most affluent person could get bed bugs in their Toronto home?

It’s true.

Bed bugs are pesky, and once they’ve taken hold of your home, you hire the best pest control in Toronto to eradicate them.

Why? Because it will take a professional to sanitize and remove all presence of these pesky, disease-spreading bugs.

All it takes is a single bed bug to enter your home, and the colony expands in a matter of days; these bugs are prolific breeders. They have also been around for thousands of years.

Bed bugs were originally eradicated in 1940, but due to pesticide resistance, they made a great comeback in 1995, per Wikipedia.

Bed Bug Contaminations are Easy to Get

There are two ways bed bugs find their way into your home: someone brought them in or they penetrated the wall and entered themselves.

Most importantly, bed bugs do not discriminate. They will nest anywhere it is warm, comfortable, and there is plenty of food to supply their feeding habits.

Unlike cockroaches, bed bugs are not attracted to filth, so some of the most expensive mansions in Canada have had their fair share of bed bug infestations.

Bed Bugs Don’t Want Your Food; They Want Your Blood

Yes, you read that right.

A bed bug isn’t there to eat your food. Instead, they want your blood.

A bed bug doesn’t care where they receive their blood source either, which is why they have no problem feeding on adults, children, infants, and pets.

Traveling and Bed Bugs

The most common way for a person to bring a bed bug back home is traveling, says WebMD.

When you stay at a friend’s house that is infested with bed bugs or sleeps at a hotel that has their infestation, the bugs attach themselves to you and take a ride back home.

College kids are notorious for bringing them home from their dorm, and children from sleepovers.

Luggage is also an excellent transport for these bloodsuckers.

So, when you are staying in a hotel or unfamiliar place, pack all used clothes in a plastic bag before taking them home.

You can sanitize them when you get home. Also, do not leave your luggage on the floor, and keep the suitcase zipped shut always.

No matter what, never use the drawers in a dresser at the hotel.

Bed bugs only die at 120 degrees in the washing machine. So, keep everything closed tight and when you get home, wash all clothing and linens in hot water.

Sealing the Mattress May Help

A bed bug’s favorite sleeping ground is your mattress. You can keep them from coming into your bed by wrapping your mattress and box spring in a zippered encasement.

This keeps away the bed bugs as well as fleas.

There are also pillow protectors that you can use to keep them off your pillows at night – and even your child’s when they sleep at a friend’s house.

Used Mattresses are a No-Go

Another common way for a bed bug infestation to enter the home is with a used mattress.

If you must purchase used, inspect it carefully for the signs of bed bugs.

If you encase it with plastic, any existing bugs cannot escape, and new ones cannot penetrate the encasement either.

Bring in the Best Pest Control in Toronto for a Bed Bug Problem

Once bed bugs enter Toronto homes, they are hard to get out.

They are resistant, and the process for removing them is tedious (not to mention costly).

However, once they have taken hold, do not assume that you can use a do-it-yourself method to eradicate them.

Instead, you need a professional pest control service in Toronto.

Professionals have the right balance of treatments and cleaning methods to kill existing bed bugs and prevent them from coming back.

If your home is showing signs of a bed bug infestation, contact the pest control team in Toronto at Power Pest Control, Inc.

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