Animal House – Which Pests are Partying at Your Place

You might have been socially awkward in high school, but today you’re the host of the hottest party place on the block. Today, however, instead of the cool kids knocking your door down, it’s a pack of party-loving pests who are ready to turn your home into a hotbed of action, any day of the week. Why is your house the ultimate pest party destination? It’s not because there’s rumored to be a keg in your basement, it’s because you’re doing all the things that pests love, acting as an open invitation to them and all their friends to come over and have a great time at your expense.


The Guest List

Most likely, you are utterly clueless that you’re doing anything to attract pests to your home. You probably don’t even know who’s on their way over. The reality is, there’s one big group invite going around, letting pests of all kinds know where the party’s at. Here’s who’s coming to your next rager:


  • Rodents – Rats and mice and mainstays at every pest party. They’re not picky about their social events – whether it’s a fiesta under your floorboards or an all-nighter in your pantry, rodents love to come out at night and party ’til dawn. Toronto rodents are known for showing up unannounced, nibbling on your cereals and grains, and not even saying thank you to the host.


  • Carpenter ants – Once carpenter ants come to your party, they’ll stay until the last song has been played and the lights go on. In fact, they’ll wear out their welcome so much that you’ll never get them to leave. They’ll take the after party into the walls of your house, burrowing through damp wood in search of a good meal before they’re ready to rock again the next night. Carpenter ants are notoriously hard to get rid of once they show up, like those guests who just won’t take the hint and leave.


  • Bed bugs – Bed bugs’ prime time is at night. They get their beauty sleep around your bedframe by day, then bedbugs wait until it’s dark to get the party started by crawling under the covers with you and nibbling on your blood by way of tiny bites. Once they’re fed, they have the rest of the night wide open to mix and mingle with your other guests until the wee hours of the morning.


  • Silverfish – These slippery little suckers thrive in the night, scurrying around looking for food in your cabinets, bathrooms, and around your baseboards. They’ll come for the music and snacks and stay for the entire party. If you call the cops to break up the crowd, they’ll run faster than you can say “the party’s over.”


  • Cockroaches – Never ones to be left out, cockroaches are eager to rock out any night of the week. If there’s a social event happening in your house, you’d best believe that they’ll be there. Whether they’re checking out the vibe behind your fridge or stove or lurking in your drain, Toronto cockroaches are hardcore partygoers – you know the type, the ones you’ve seen the bouncers physically removing from the club when they just don’t know when to call it quits.



Shut It Down

Since you didn’t exactly sign up to host a posse of pests on a regular basis, there are some basic things you can do to detract pests and keep them out of your home. A little legwork on your part goes a long way in creating a party-free zone at your house and sending pests looking for a locale elsewhere. Try these simple tips for killing the party vibe:


  • Stop serving snacks – No pest wants to hit up a party that doesn’t have food. Whether it’s cracker crumbs, cereal, or cold pizza left on the counter overnight, pests love to indulge their munchies when they come out for the night. The best way to send them looking for another party scene is to clean up your food, sweep the kitchen, keep your pantry clean, and make sure you store your food properly. No snacks = no fun.


  • Change the ambiance – A party’s not a party without the right mood lighting and décor to get your guests in the mood. Without the right atmosphere, your gathering will be a total bore and pests will go elsewhere to let loose. Show pests that your place isn’t the ultimate party destination by rolling up your sleeves and sticking to your Saturday chore schedule. That means keeping floors clean, cleaning the shower drain, vacuuming in those dark corners, and especially cleaning up your backyard if it’s rundown or filled with junk, leaves, a neglected woodpile, or looks like something out of a haunted house scene.


  • Dry up areas of moisture – Pests are instantly attracted to the damp, humid areas of your house. Places like the cabinet under the kitchen or bathroom sink, in the shower drain, around moist or rotting wood, and around your water heater are prime hangouts for pests like cockroaches or carpenter ants. Keep an eye out for leaks under your sink, repair wet wood right away, keep the bathroom fan running long after your shower, and use a dehumidifier to zap moisture and dry up damp areas.


  • Keep a professional on speed dial – Keep pests from spreading and multiplying by getting on the phone to a Toronto pest exterminator Calling in an expert means you’ll get on top of your pest problem before it gets out of control, or if your pest party is already too wild for your liking, an exterminator can take action and rid your home of rowdy partygoers. Calling a professional can also be a preventative measure if you want to assess your house and make sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure pests aren’t going to be attracted to your home in the first place.


Forget everything you’ve learned from Martha Stewart about being a good host – when it comes to pests you want to be awful. Show pests that your place is a lame place to party and take away all their incentive to hit up your house for their next get together. If you’re dealing with unwelcome guests, call us at 647-708-7378 or connect with us online so we can send your pests packing up and looking for a party somewhere else.